Note: Long-time readers might still remember my girlfriends Miss Armotif and Miss Chubby! Miss Armotif bravely took on the challenge to try a facial using placenta products and here’s her review!

When Ms Glitzy told the girls over Sunday brunch about the Mi Plus Facial Shower Treatment, we stopped her mid-sentence when she muttered the word “Placenta“. Placenta? Ain’t that the thing that comes out from… Okay, that was enough to make our jaws drop.

But when she said she was looking for someone to try out the facial, I literally raised my arms and legs. For a couple of reasons – because I have very problematic skin and the salon is very near where I stay!

The treatment is exactly what the name suggests – a face shower. Using a machine imported from Korea which spurts out high pressure oxidation water, the treatment promises the following 5 key benefits:

1. Cleansing: Effectively sweeps away impurities and makeup residue from pores
2. Scaling: Gently scales away dead skin cells, sebum and uneven particles on the surface of skin
3. Lifting: Micro-massage procedure helps relax and contract facial muscles to increase blood circulation and keeps skin firm and supple
4. Pure Care: Provides long-term care for your face as sebaceous glands are cleansed and inflamed

Before the treatment, the therapist shone a strong fluorescent light to my face and “diagnosed” my problem areas – which were aplenty so maybe this isn’t for the faint-hearted. I probably was a fantastic candidate for the treatment as I had all the problem areas that the treatment claimed to tackle: clogged pores, uneven skin tone, wrinkles.. yeah you name it, I’ve got it.

As a facial junkie who have probably spent more money on facial than anyone I know, I’ve got a fair bit of experience in going through the discomfort during “deep-cleansing” at beauty salons. I found the facial shower treatment a painless and therapeutic alternative to the usual steaming and squeezing that most salons adopt to remove impurities and excess sebum from blocked pores.

But I think I was most impressed by how my skin looked tonnes brighter. My sun spots were still apparent, which honestly was expected given it was the first treatment. But overall, my skin tone was visibly brighter and even looked liked it glowed a little around the cheeks. There were some improvements to my laugh lines but compared to the effect the treatment had on my skin tone and blocked pores, I’d say the results were less significant.

As for the Mi Plus Placenta products, I liked that they were scentless and therefore didn’t remind me of the ingredients within. Placenta has long been used in beauty products mainly for cell activation and rejuvenation. For a placenta based line of products, it didn’t feel overly greasy on my face.

For those who are concerned about their blocked pores and have a low threshold for pain, I strongly recommend trying the facial shower treatment for a quick and painless alternative to deep-cleansing and a visibly brighter skin tone.

To try out the Mi Plus Facial Shower Treatment, please refer to Korea Avenue website for the locations. Miss Armotif did her facial at Melody Salon (Hougang Point #01-71). The Facial Shower Treatment is priced from $180 onwards.

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