With tonnes of beauty products out there that target our deepest concerns, and aesthetic treatments getting more and more affordable.. even simple plastic surgery seem relatively safe and more accessible than before.

I have flab at problem areas that I really hope could disappear. I have some light spots on my face that I hope an eraser could do the deed. And I was told that my prominent eye bags can only be permanently removed through surgical methods..  the list goes on. But call me a wimp, I hesitate to even try aesthetic treatments – such as IPL or laser treatment on my face.

I read that procedures that are “non-invasive” may bring side effects. For example, Botox can bring common side effects such as redness, swelling, itching and lumps or hard areas in the skin. Chemical peels involve adding an acid solution to your face so it could cause stinging or uneven pigmentation for some. It is thus important to choose an experienced clinic if you would like to go for such treatments.

What about you? Would you consider going under the knife to look good – even if it’s seems to be a minor procedure like eyelid surgery?

And please share with me what was the craziest thing you have done to look good? I tried to diet when I was in my teens by skipping the carbs and only eating bits of vegetables and meat. I ended up feeling drowsy and slow, so I gave up that whole dieting effort after just 2 days.

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