Will you buy jeans from Sephora?

We know Sephora as the mega beauty wonderland but it seems that Sephora Italy is working with Italian brand LeRock to retail “Lift-Up” jeans, which is somewhat like the push-up bra for the bum. Each pair will be priced from €80 to €200.

This is apparently not a hasty decision from Sephora, as they had tested the denim sale at two Rome locations and the official launch will be held on September 9 at its Milan flagship store.

I just find it awkward that Sephora has decided to venture into fashion retail. For all we know, this could be a one-off collaboration. I’m not sure whether the jeans will ever hit the shores of Singapore but in the meantime you can look for other jeans, or use lifting cream to push up the bottom.

Image: Stylelist

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