Not long ago, my friend issued me a style challenge. “Show us how to wear a vest,” she said.

Truth to be told, I am not that huge fan of vests. That tiny piece of outerwear doesn’t keep me warm. And no one wears it in the office. In fact, I believe I only have a vest in my wardrobe and the number of times I have worn it is kinda pathetic. But a challenge is a challenge. I started scouting online for different types of vests and researched on how they are worn.

I picked a slightly oversized printed vest on Looklet and started assembling different looks.

Big, oversized vests are kinda in the rage now but I personally think oversized or baggy anything is somewhat a no-no in the corporate setting. The key is to look sleek. So, I would pair the vest with a fitting dress and to belt the vest for a nice silhouette. In this case, the prints on the vest kinda highlighted an otherwise boring all-black ensemble.

Many many years ago, shirt+vest combination was really popular. I think this pairing can still be valid, but wear a more fitting pants and avoid black vest & white shirt combination unless you don’t mind looking like the waitress.

I think vests are cute for casual outfits and if you find the usual t-shirt and jeans ensemble too boring, a nice vest might instantly upgrade your entire look. Wearing the vest unbuttoned can help add some texture to your overall look and you can move around freely without feeling constricted!

Of course, if you have any other style tips on wearing the vest, please share with me!

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