Isn’t it nice to have a outdoor movie picnic gathering with our closest girlfriends, and help a charity organisation at the same time?

Action for AIDS (AfA) is rolling out a campaign to generate the awareness of HIV risk to women and in conjunction to this campaign, they are holding a movie screening at Fort Canning Park Green on 30th October.

Early bird tickets are sold at $15 (1 ticket), $25 (2 tickets) and $40 (4 tickets). You can purchase the tickets and support the cause now. All proceeds from this event will help women and their families affected by HIV/AIDS.

To find out more about the campaign that AfA is running, do drop by their campaign website – All The Ladies.

On another note, I have been thinking of what to do for next year’s “Let’s Care and Celebrate!“. It is going to be held at March-April next year. If you know of any charity organisation that needs help and awareness, please let me know!

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