Pardon me for my ignorance, I didn’t know that Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is actually a global event. I must have been living in the well, thinking that FNO is a NYC only thing. The night shopping extravaganza is happening this week and Asian countries that are involved include China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

Vogue Taiwan gathered several Taiwanese celebrities for a photo-shoot that featured the limited edition FNO Taiwan t-shirt.

Dee Hsu and Barbie Hsu

I have selected some of my favourite looks from the girls and the guys.

Hebe Tien (of pop girl group SHE), looking great in shredded tee, studded fringe necklace and tiered skirt.

This is my favourite photo from the entire series! Cheryl Yang, the lead actress of My Queen, is glamorous in beige and light brown shades!

And the guys..

James Wen looks suave in lavender.

Chen Bo-Lin is the young punk in distressed tee and leather jacket.

To view pictures of the entire shoot, please refer to my Facebook album. It’s a pity that the guys featured in this series are not that well-known. I was wondering, where are the likes of Ethan Ruan, Jerry Yen or Joseph Cheng?

In case you have been living in the well like me, here are the list of countries participating in FNO (besides the US):

Would you like to see FNO in Singapore? Who would you cast if we have our own FNO Singapore celebrity profiles?

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