I have been seeing Leopards recently. Because several Autumn/Winter collections this year feature leopard prints.

If you are as old as me, you would notice that leopard prints is a recurring trend. Maybe it’s time to invest in a decent leopard themed apparel? But would the conservative office be able to accept your “leopardised” get-up – after all, you don’t wanna jeopardise your career over fashion.

I have assembled some corporate wear that feature leopard prints. The easy way out is to match with black. And to be on the safe side, stick to just one piece of leopard print item.

Shoes with such prints are hot this season. Match it with a sleek black ensemble to ooze some corporate lady charm.

If you would like to push the limits a bit further, you can try wearing a shorter dress. Short dresses are aplenty these days such that it can be kinda hard to find one with longer hemline! Anyway, I like the combination of short dress with sheer stockings. Opaque black stockings feel somewhat out of place in Singapore given the hot weather.

If you have accumulated a fair amount of nude or blush pieces from last season, match them with leopard prints!

Office-friendly leopard pieces I would add in my wardrobe:

  • Leopard print tops: not in overly flashy prints or colours though
  • Fitted cardigans with prints
  • Leopard print bags
  • Leopard print shoes
  • Scarves with leopard prints
  • Dresses with monotone prints: I thought the prints on the D&G runway piece look great

Office-unfriendly leopard pieces I would NOT add in my wardrobe:

  • Leopard print jackets or blazers (I’m almost certain that you will get comments from colleagues if you wear that to work)
  • Leopard print skirts
  • Leopard print pants.. or leggings

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