I believe some of you have read about my review on Minx manicure. I’m sure there are some DIY nail experts out there who are itching to do their own stick-on funky nails!

If you are patient and skilful enough, you can buy the nail stickers online and DIY your own stick-on nail art. Here are a few places that you can source for the nail stickers…

1. Nail Fraud

Available at US$12 on Nail Fraud or Urban Outfitters, this seems to be the same as the Minx decals. Apparently, you just need to stick the film on the nail, and file off the excess. No heat treatment required. According to online reviews, Nail Fraud stickers last for about 1 week.

2. Sephora Nail Patch

The Sephora nail patches (US$12) have been around for sometime, and it is also available in the stores here. The objective of these nail patches was to provide an easier manicure for ladies out there, so the colours available are rather prim and proper – in shades of red or French.

If you are looking for prints like those Minx decals, Sephora also had a tie-up with OPI and Minx. Each sheet of 16 Chic Prints nail films is US$15.

3. Nail Art Transfer Foil

This is really cheap, at US$1 per roll of foil, from DollarNailArt. Every 6 bottles of foil, they will give you a bottle of free nail adhesive, which is necessary for your foil manicure. As the foil comes in a big roll, you will need to cut it on your own. Unlike the other nail stickers, which is just stick on and file, you need to apply a coat of nail adhesive and then stick on the foil. This is more labour and skill intensive as compared to the other nail stickers available in the market.

4. Rio Nail Metalix

Rio Nails is a UK site and the Nail Metalix strips look exactly like Minx and Nail Fraud stickers. Rio Nails sells a set of 5 nail sheets, together with the necessary equipment at GBP24.99.

As I was doing my research, I realised there are really many variations of nail stick-ons out there! If you are too lazy to do your own funky nails, you might be happy to know that Minx manicure is available in Singapore.

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