I may not be a facial junkie, but I have heard loads of reviews about Leonard Drake facial. I was invited to try out their facial services at Plaza Singapura and in short, they did not disappoint.

Newbies to Leonard Drake first get a skin analysis known as “Face Mapping” by the therapist. My therapist, Penny, looked through the machine and diagnosed that I had oily T-zone, dehydrated forehead, dark eye circles and slight congestion on the cheeks. I never knew that I have dehydrated skin, and apparently this could be caused by my diet of coffee, tea and spicy food.

Penny suggested I try the Ultra Sensitive Skin Treatment, a rather basic facial that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and  hydrates the face using Dermologica products!

Penny first cleansed and then exfoliated my face gently to remove the dead cells. This was followed by the extraction which was honestly, a little bit uncomfortable and painful. I was worried that there would be redness on my skin after the facial, although I was reassured that the calming serum and oatmeal mask after the extraction would soothe the skin.

True enough after the facial, I didn’t see any redness or inflammation from the extraction. Penny removed most of the congestion on my cheeks and I felt that my cheek area was indeed smoother and clearer. My skin did not break out at all from the facial.

Overall, I had a relaxed experience at Leonard Drake and I really like the outcome of the treatment. In fact, I am considering going to them for regular facials. I always have a love-hate relationship with extractions because this is probably a direct and effective way to unclog the skin, but a bad extraction would give you redness and breakouts. I guess I have found a decent place for extraction facial now.

For a list of Leonard Drake’s locations, please visit their website here.

Photos: MsGlitzy, Leonard Drake

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