If you have been following my blog and outfits, you probably realise that my choice of low-heel shoes are often safe or maybe boring. One, I’m tall to begin with and piling another 10cm on me makes me a Giant. Next, fashionable shoes are almost always skyscrapers. I abhor high and skinny stilettos because they make me walk like RoboCop.

Which is why I welcome shoes with chunky heels – stable for walking and presentable for all occasions. And I noticed that several designers have introduced more comfortable shoes for the upcoming Spring. Thank goodness!

Look! Giorgio Armani paired gowns with flats!

(from left) Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo

(from left) Balenciaga, Lanvin

The Lanvin flats are probably for casual days but wouldn’t it be cool to wear the Balenciaga loafers with pant suit?

(from left) Fendi, Marni

Alright, the comfort level of these shoes are “to be determined”. The additional wedge in the middle of the Fendi strap-ons seem to add stability with a lower centre of gravity. although I really dislike that skyscraper heel height. The Marni shoes have a larger base at the bottom of the heels, which is once again, more stable for walking.

Dries Van Noten

My favourite shoes for the season are from Dries Van Noten. All the shoes on the runway were chunky heels like these. Yes they are still the skyscrapers but at least these shoes aren’t ankle-breaking. If all designers come up with shoes like these, we will have no falling model!

Images: Style.com

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