I read this funny article about how stock markets performance can determine the hemline of upcoming fashion collections. If the market outlook is getting all gloom and doom, dress and skirt length would be longer and more modest.

Now, our economy is somewhat a mess but I am loving the modest hemline – in particular, the long preppy flare skirt this fall.

(from left) Dries Van Noten FW 2010, Louis Vuitton FW 2010

Perhaps the runway versions are a lil too dramatic. Here are some real life inspirations.

I love these looks! Preppy, feminine and comfortable. The below-the-knee skirt can be quite flattering for various body shapes. Just make sure that the top is fitting so that there is a sense of balance in your entire look. For those who are lacking in height, do wear a bit of heels to elongate your legs.

(from left) Marc Jacobs FW 2010, Yves Saint Laurent FW 2010

As much as I love modest hemlines, I love bull markets too. Maybe it’s high time for both of them to be directly associated. Good economy = More money = More fabric used in fashion leading to increased hemline. Make sense?

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