No, I am not going to say much about Vegas-style showgirls and roulette, neither am I going to talk about the concept store of the Danish jewellery brand at Marina Bay Sands.

I would like to share with you this idea from Pandora called “Ring Upon Ring”.

The above is formed with a combination of three different rings.

Using the simple concept of layering, Pandora gives you the sense of empowerment by creating endless combinations of rings by mixing and matching. Each ring has a flat rim so they could be stacked together nicely.

Here are some delectable combinations that I have grabbed from the catalogue. You can stay elegant with a tiny 14k gold or silver ring. Or you could stack two embellished rings together – they won’t even clash because the embellishments or gemstones can be worn seamlessly with each other.

You could also tailor-make your combination based on your budget. Silver rings or inexpensive gemstones for those with a tight budget and gold and diamonds for the others.

I was thinking… if I get myself 3 rings… there will be 15 different ways of wearing them… it is like buying 15 rings for the price of 3, isn’t it?

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