For the uninitiated, based on the picture below, what do you think “Tony Moly” is?

A. Supermarket
B. Toy shop
C. Beauty store

Well, the answer is C. And yes, the peach contains one of the best-selling handcream in Hong Kong and the green apple is a scrub cleanser.

A highly popular brand in Korea, Tony Moly opened its first store at Marina Square last month. While the unique and innovative packaging is a selling point, the beauty products from Tony Moly are apparently all-natural and organic.

I was given a set of Eggs from Tony Moly. Known as the Egg Pore Series, these eggs target to remove the blackheads and pores on the nose, as well as improve oil control.

Each egg contains a pack of seeds and you can use the egg shell to grow a plant after you have finished using the product!

Blackhead Out Oil Gel (S$26.90)

A clear gel with sparkly beads and menthol smell, this works like an exfoliating scrub for the nose. After cleansing, apply the gel on areas with blackheads and massage till the gel turns white before washing off. This is my favourite product of the lot because it does help to remove some blackheads immediately and the nose area felt smooth immediately. Like most exfoliating wash, you are not advised to use this everyday. Probably just 2 or 3 times per week.

Tightening Pack (S$26.90)

This works like a masque for the nose, except that it felt as if I was applying too much liquid foundation because of the product’s colour. The masque would dry up and gets a bit tight in 10-15 minutes. Some blackheads were indeed removed after I washed off the mask but I would have preferred to use nose strips for such purpose as it is cleaner and less messy to handle.

Silky Smooth Balm (S$32.90)

This product is essentially a pore concealer. Apply a layer on areas with enlarged pores before makeup and your face would seem smoother while the pores would appear smaller. The product did deliver its promise but I found its texture a tad too waxy for my liking. In fact, my foundation had difficulty staying on the waxy surface. If you are looking for a good balm pore concealer, I would recommend the Aqualabel Moist Coat Essence instead.


The adorable packaging makes the Egg Pore Series perfect as gifts for girlfriends. In terms of product quality, my vote would go to the Blackhead Out Oil Gel, although a Golden Egg (Silky Smooth Balm) could make an auspicious gift too.

Tony Moly – Marina Square
Marina Square Shopping Centre #02-151

Tony Moly is opening at Bugis Junction in November.

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