I was delighted to preview the Clarins Barocco makeup collection before its launch on 15 November. Clarins introduced 4 items that are consistently adorned with mysterious black scrolls on luxurious gold background, and the colours hover around gold, bronze and black – perfect for the sensual and sexy year-end festive look.

(from left) Face Palette S$64, Shimmering Gold Powder for Face & Decollete S$70, Rouge Prodige S$35, Eye Colour Trio S$64

As I have mentioned previously, the two items that I have been lusting after are the Face Palette and the Eye Colour Trio.

The Face Palette is heavy but feels substantial and comes with a red velvet case. The black scroll pattern of the Face Palette  is nicely embossed on the gold cover, as compared to the Eye Color Trio, which is lighter and the pattern is printed. The eye colours look very inviting with the luxurious swirls of golden iridesence. Based on packaging, I think the Face Palette makes a very presentable gift.

The Shimmering Gold Powder is my least favourite item, simply because loose powder can be quite messy. That being said, a little of the sparkly powder works wonders and you can dust it on your face, body or even your hair.

I created a look with the Eye Colour Trio, Face Palette and Rouge Prodige.

Eye Colour Trio

I used the light gold shade as a base on my lids and applied a thinner strip of smoky bronze at the lower lid. Then I added the jet black colour at the side of my eyes and as a liner for my water line.

The eye shadows are quite shimmery, except for the jet black colour. They are very easy to apply and very versatile – I could omit the black colour if I was going for a mild look. On the other hand, you can go for more intense smoky eyes by using the smoky bronze or black as a base and the gold colour as a highlighter and eye liner.

Face Palette

Clarins mentioned that this is a compact power that is “perfect for illuminating the face”. The shade works as a light peach blusher for me.

Rouge Prodige

Available in one shade named No. 130 Barocco, this is a very deep red colour that is different from the warm red rouge that I had tried from L’Oreal. I applied a thin layer and thought it didn’t look that outrageous. The lipstick was rather easy to apply and mildly moisturizig and glossy on its own.

Here’s one with the Barocco rouge in full blast and intensity. Pardon my tired eyes in the picture though.

What do you think of this Barocco collection? It will be available at Clarins counters from 15 November.

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