I’m not sure whether I should feel ashamed but I just discovered Vera Wang’s diffusion line, Simply Vera on Kohl’s.com. This full-fledged fashion line designed by Vera Wang has been in existence since 2007.

You see, Kohl’s.com is not exactly a trendy store. The target audience is a more matured age group, so the store tends to be more value-oriented and family-friendly.

Simply Vera’s Fall collection this year looks rather feminine with emphasis on texture, embellishments and drapes. Honestly, the individual pieces appear rather unimpressive but I was more attracted to the overall outfits (i.e. the magic touch of the stylist) in the lookbook.

Simply Vera is a full collection that consists of apparel, jewellery, shoes, bags and home and decor. The jewellery collection looked elaborate and well-priced at several notches below the actual Vera Wang line. As for the bag collection, most of the designs are rather safe except for the rock punk embellished bag, which is a breath of fresh air from Vera Wang’s usual simple and sophisticated designs.

I have no idea about the material and quality of the collection as I do not own any piece of Simply Vera. Based on closeup pictures and the longevity of this diffusion line, I guess it is rather value-for-money and relatively popular.

I will be observing this line for a while to hopefully spy some great buys. Simply Vera is only available at Kohl’s and Singaporeans can use the usual Vpost/Borderlinx route to get your hands on the brand! Please give me your comments if you have bought any Simply Vera item!

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