I discovered the whole art about Yoyo Necklace recently, through 12Buy.sg.

The Yoyo Necklace are handcrafted necklaces made from stitching different circles of fabric. It is both unique and eco-friendly, as most makers use small pieces of spare fabrics to put together a necklace.

Here are a few cute Yoyo Necklaces that I have seen on the web.

Images: Craftster, Chic Steals, Cookoorikoo

The Yoyo Necklace presents a whole myriad of possibilities – there are so many different types of fabrics that can be used, different ornaments or embellishments to jazz up the statement piece. Most importantly, unlike many other huge and chunky necklaces, this is very lightweight and easy to wear.

If you are good with sewing, you can DIY your own Yoyo Necklace. Check out the steps here.

For those who prefer to get a Yoyo Necklace off the shelf, you can find them on Etsy or select from a good range at 12Buy.sg.  I found out that the necklaces on 12Buy.sg are also sourced from Etsy, but the prices are cheaper than if you were to purchase from the Etsy store directly (considering the international shipping charges from the latter).

Back of the necklace – handsewn

Because every necklace is handmade (with love), each design is unique. This rich truffle necklace that I received from 12Buy.sg comprises of 4 taupe silk yoyos sewn together, one of it embellished with a silver flower and a sparkly diamante. This is a more understated accessory that could go with various colours.

What do you think? Are you thinking of making/getting your own Yoyo now?

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