Today, we are going to have a peek at Kevin‘s Christmas wishlist! As many of you know, Kevin is the man behind MyMANyBags and he indeed has an enviable collection of bags, clothes, shoes, accessories etc etc. This man has everything. What else does he want for Christmas??

Thanks Ms Glitzy for inviting me to guest blog on As all of you know, I am Kevin, art director by day and blogger by anytime on My passion is for fashion and all things that make the world a prettier place to live in, especially good design.

I was asked to picked 3 items or experiences for my Christmas wishlist this year. I must admit, I am greedy… 3 things are not enough!:-) But after much pondering, I finally decided these are my picks for this coming Christmas.

1. Neil Barrett Wrinkled Garbadine Blazer in Navy Blue

Every man needs a blazer. Especially slim men like myself who need more structure and form to accentuate the physique. I am a fan of dishevelled chic. Anything that looked disgruntled in its natural state wins my vote. Perhaps in part, this is due to my laziness to make my clothing pristine since ironing is a nightmare. When I came across this Neil Barrett Wrinkled Garbadine Blazer in Navy Blue, my heart stopped for many moments. Slim fitted and cropped for a smarter fit, the blazer is gorgeous for any guy. Most importantly, the wrinkled nature of the blazer means low maintenance. Throw in the washer and wear it as it is. No ironing or dry cleaning. Perfect for the busy city men folk without all the hassle. I also love the navy colour which is timeless.

2. Macbook Air

I need to cut down on my travel weight, but I am not one who skims by bringing just sufficient clothing. Therefore, the weight of gadgets is key to reducing my travel ‘burden’. Macbook Air looks fabulous and is streamlined with aluminum casing. The weight of 1.06kg make this the most portable computer around. I need this!

3. Lunch at Greyhound Café Siam Center, Bangkok

Greyhound is an avant garde fashion brand in Thailand. Who would have thought the brand excel in F&B as well, serving the most creative and delicious fusion Thai and Italian specialties that got me craving each time I visit Bangkok. I wish I can be in Bangkok for Christmas, but due to my work schedule, I have to put off my trip till the New Year. It would have been great if I can have my Christmas lunch at the creatively designed café, gorging on delicious lobster bisque and succulent river prawns spaghetti. I guess just have to do it a few days later post Christmas… But doesn’t Christmas lasts for 12 days? Then I am still in time for my Greyhound Christmas lunch! I am now a happy man!:-) Merry Christmas everyone!

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