I talked about a social enterprise a while ago. Recently I visited another cafe that supports charity causes.

Food for Thought channels part of its profits to support charitable causes. Currently, the cafe is raising funds for the provision of clean water in third-world country. The cafe has two outlets – one at North Bridge Centre and the other at 8QSAM along Queen Street. I visited the Queen Street outlet for a beauty chat with Elizabeth Arden.

The cafe has a very quirky interior. The ceiling was installed with loads of empty bottles and some of these bottles were filled with light bulbs.

There is also a cozy corner that sells merchandises and stationery printed with the quotes you see in the cafe.

The place mat explains in greater detail the cause that the cafe is supporting. Candy cane and reindeer hairband were courtesy of Elizabeth Arden.

Now moving on to the food department, Food for Thought serves mainly western food, including breakfast from 9am to 5.30pm. There are also some Asian fusion items in the menu, such as Crispy Curry Chicken (which is fried chicken with a curry flavour), Hoisin Har Cheong Baby Back Ribs and Steamed Lemongrass Steamed Bass.

I ordered the Garlic Prawn Linguine (S$16). The portion was rather modest for the price tag and the taste was acceptable, although not out of the world. The prawns were rather succulent and I don’t think they were brined beforehand.

The Red Velvet Cake (S$5.50) was much raved by other food reviewers, so I sort of harboured high expectations. The expectations fell kinda flat, because it was just a mysterious yet ordinary red-colored cake with generous cream cheese frosting.

The saving grace for the night was the Ferrero Rocher cake (S$5.50). The cake was quite moist and the frosting was quite rich. But the chef went the extra mile to add some light crunch in the frosting between the layers. This gives a nice texture and bite while navigating through the sweet, delectable cake. Highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth, although I suggest that you share the love (and calories) with someone else.

With Sarah, Joyce and Sheena from Elizabeth Arden.

Verdict: I love the interior decor and ambiance at Food for Thought. Queen Street is a rather quiet location with some artsy vibes from the nearby Singapore Art Museum. It is a great place to spend a day with a book, a glass of Earl Grey Shake and a Ferrero Rocher cake!

Food for Thought
8 Queen Street
Tel: +65 6338 9887

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