Clarisonic produces electric face brushes using a technology coined as Sonic Cleansing – which is a gentle way of “brushing” your skin to remove the dirt and oil while cleansing and this helps to clean, smooth and soften your skin.

Sounds too good to be true?

There are several types of Clarisonic brushes in the market and Sephora Singapore is selling the Clarisonic Plus, which comes with 3 speeds and a brush that is good for body cleansing. The set costs S$375 at Sephora. I requested for a demo at the store and was convinced after seeing immediate results when the brush was applied on my hand. My right hand was visibly fairer and cleaner than my left hand for several weeks!

I figured that I didn’t really need the bells and whistles of the Clarisonic Plus (3 speeds, brushes for body and face) and thought that the smaller and more affordable Clarisonic Mia was good enough for me. I got it from at 20% off (original price US$149) and flat shipping fee of US$14.95 to Singapore.

I chose the Breast Cancer Awareness set, which consisted of a pink Mia, a travel pouch and an Arcona Magic Pink Ice gel moisturizer and travel-size Clarisonic gentle hydro cleanser. Note that the original charger is not acceptable in Singapore, so you would need to use an adapter.

When you first receive your brush set, remember to charge it for 24 hours. The Clarisonic brush is portable and waterproof. After charging, you can bring it to your shower. Each charge would last for at least 1 month.

How do I use the Clarisonic Mia?

First, I remove my makeup using a makeup remover. After washing off with clear water, I apply the facial cleanser on my face. Wash the Clarisonic Mia briefly with some cool water, press the button and run the brush all over your face. The timer is set at 1 minute so the brush would stop moving after this duration. You can brush your face twice a day but I usually use it once a day, at slightly longer than 1 minute.

Technical specifications

There are the sensitive and normal brush head for your to choose from. I am using the sensitive brush head, which works rather well on my skin. Each brush head lasts about 2-3 months. You can purchase replacement brush heads from Skinstore or Sephora stores (S$47).


The whole cleansing experience has been really enjoyable after I switched to using Clarisonic. I would think it has became somewhat a lifestyle change as I can’t live with cleansing my face with my bare hands anymore. The skin does feel smoother and softer after the wash, but that could be attributed to the works of the facial cleanser rather than the cleansing brush!

However, the longer-term positive effects still stand. Besides some minor pimples after 1-2 weeks of using the brush, my skin is now less bumpy with smaller pores and according to my nose strip, there are lesser blackheads at my nose area. This brush was worked really well when I was battling with my localised acne problem (that is a story for another day)!


For someone who doesn’t go for regular facial, I think the Clarisonic Mia helps to carry out some maintenance works on my skin. The entire set cost about S$175, including the 20% discount I had from Skinstore. I think it is quite an affordable and useful tool considering the amount of money I would save on “skin restoration”!

Skinstore no longer sells Clarisonic. If you place your order via Skinstore, yo.

Here are some websites which still do, and you will have to ship it to your Vpost or Borderlinx US address and then get these service providers to deliver the parcel to Singapore:




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