The T SpotThis may come across as random since my Italy trip was way back in summer this year. I was organising my photos for the year and came across pictures taken at the Triennale Design Museum, which I had intended to share with everyone here but somehow never got down to do so.

Some might regard Milan as a rather boring city of Italy. It is kinda true, Milan is a fashion capital and probably the only signature place of interest is the Duomo Cathedral. If you ever visit Milan, and you’re getting sick of seeing labels after labels, I suggest you make a trip down to the Design Museum at Parco Sempione.

Exhibits at one of the exhibitions on “What is Italian design?”. Technically, no photography is allowed in the exhibition.

A giant replica of a shoe by Salvatore Ferragamo. And at the background, there is a replica of Michaelangelo’s “David”.

The Triennale Design Museum was opened only in 2007, and presents many interesting elements of Italian design from different perspectives and approaches. The exhibitions are revised quite regularly, so you can visit the museum for new exhibitions every time you are in Milan.

Talking about perspectives, the exhibit number 25, which resembles a Gucci hobo, is in fact an imitation piece from a “private collector”. I was so amused by that!

I managed to steal a picture with the exhibits while the exhibition officer wasn’t looking.

More exhibits. As you probably realise by now, the exhibits are displayed on platforms and the platforms form one circle.

The Triennale Design Museum also houses a really cool design cafe at the first floor.

Entrance of the cafe.

Quirky furnishing and interesting layout. There are so many design elements in this little cafe.

Interesting mix of furniture. So different yet very consistent.

According to what I have read on the web, Triennale Design Museum has set up an outpost in New York City, at 40 West 53rd Street across the street from MoMA. Another place to visit when I go to NYC!

Triennale Design Museum
Triennale di Milano
viale Alemagna 6
(Take Bus 61 from the bus stop in front of Cardona metro station)

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