There is a storm brewing in New York City: coats, scarfs, snowboots and over-turning umbrellas lining Spring Street from the gusty winds! In Singapore, we are having our own blizzard of thunderstorm days, and I’ve been told this is the “coldest” it gets here.

Luckily, we can keep the layered look year round by taking a hint from winter’s styling tips:

1. The Hat
While the hat doesn’t need to keep you warm in Southeast Asia, it certainly can keep you out of the sun and styled. Think Panama hats, floppys or headscarfs.

Topshop Stripe Band Panama Hat: £20, Pucci Raffia Floppy Hat: $166 USD

2. The Oversized Sweater
Miss cozying up in your oversized sweater? Try the oversized T-shirt, loose enough to keep air in, stylish enough to wear out. Wear it around home with leggings or dress it up by tucking it into a high-wasted skirt and adding a little bling.

ASOS Basic Dip Back Top: $25 USD,  Splendid Loose Knit Stripe Cowl Tee: $94 USD

3. The Scarf
It doesn’t have to be freezing to layer a little color or pattern around your neck. Look for light, silky or airy scarfs to throw on. Tie it once or don’t tie at all for a necklace-like appeal.

Diane Von Furstenberg Brennah Scarf Neon Mane: $198 USD, Tory Burch Sheer Wool Scarf: $95 USD

4. The Umbrella
Keep out of that afternoon storm with a stylish umbrella. Chances are it will rain at some point in the day, but luckily you’ll never have to worry about it breaking from wind or snow.

Olive Green Rosebud Print Umbrella, Manolo Blahnik for Liberty: £95Zara Ruffle Scarf: $19 USD

Stay stylish, layered and cool Singapore!

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