A while ago, I suddenly had a break-out on the right side of my face. And interestingly, the pimples were all concentrated at the same area.

This was taken at a Clarins event last year. I piled up on my makeup base and concealer but you could still see rough area at the side.

Usually, my zits come and go rather easily. I just need to dab some Hazeline Snow Moisturiser and my pimples will heal in a couple of days time. This time, the situation was very different. The zits were stubborn and my usual Hazeline Snow couldn’t do much.

I explored a few different combination of products and I am collating what worked best. Currently the zits are gone, with light scars although the area still looks a bit bumpy.

When the pimples first flared up

1. Cleanse the face everyday with Clarisonic

Clean skin is essential for the pimples to heal and I simply love pile my pimply area with concealer whenever I have a breakout. After I remove my makeup with the makeup remover, I washed my face with the Clarisonic Mia (left).

The brush works best with a foamy cleanser. And for the purpose of healing my pimple, I used the Normaderm Anti-imperfection Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream (S$29), which contains salicylic acid.

This cleanser not only feels gentle and silky on the skin, but it helps to treat acne with its salicylic acid content.

2. Toning

After cleansing, it is the best time to tone and “feed” the skin with nutrition.

I use the SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (S$77) to further cleanse the skin and treat it with some Pitera. Once every few days, I use the Facial Treatment Essence (S$94) instead of the Clear Lotion. SK-II has always work well on my skin and rejuvenate my tired or dry skin (especially from traveling) in no time. The FT Clear Lotion is more of a toner (that was what I understand from the SA) while the FTE works as a serum. But during the days of breakout, I try to pile too many products on my face, so I used the FT Clear Lotion and FTE inter-changeably.

3. Combat the Acne

Now the skin is really for some pimple healing.

The Vichy Normaderm Anti-imperfection Concentrate (S$29) works contains salicylic acid. It is supposed to clear your blemish in 24 hours. The cream is light green, which actually helps to lighten the redness on application.  This concentrate indeed reduced the swelling and redness of my pimples in 1-2 days. The disadvantage though, is it leaves acne scars, which I will explain how I tried to fight that at the later part of this post.

Another blemish cream that doesn’t contain benzoyl peroxide is Thursday Plantation’s blemish gel (S$10.55). This gel makes use of tea tree oil to reduce blemish and manage problematic skin but I am really not a fan of the strong herbal smell. For me, it didn’t work as well as the Vichy Normaderm Anti-imperfection concentrate. Those who dislike benzoyl peroxide and prefer something more natural can consider this, since it is inexpensive and I know of someone whose burgeoning pimple vanished in one day after applying the gel.

After the zits are controlled, it’s time to combat the acne scars

I tend to think acne scars are better than the pimples. At least they can be concealed with makeup! I still cleanse my skin with Clarisonic, but I change the products after cleansing to focus on reducing the scars and improving overall skintone.

1. Tone + Serum

I use the Shiseido White Lucent Softener (S$79) and Intensive Spot Targeting Serum (S$159) after cleansing. In fact, I use these twice a day, in the morning and at night. And indeed, my acne scar diminished by more than half in less than two weeks.

2. Smoothen the pimply area

The Vichy Normaderm Night Chrono-Active Pore Refining Care (S$49) is a night cream supposed to treat irregular skin texture at night. After applying my SWL serum, I let my skin rest for a while and just before I head to bed, I apply this cream on my acne area. Honestly, it doesn’t smell very good too but it does leave the skin smoother and slightly more even the day after.

As I have mentioned at the earlier part of the post, these were what I have tried earlier on to fight those pimples. Right now, I still have some light scars and little bumps and occasionally, pimples threaten to appear at that area. But fortunately, all seem under control. I hope it will be helpful for those who have the same problem as me. Or if you have some tips, please share with us!

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