Rather than do a look-through of December, I decided to revisit 2010 with photos from my Facebook page.

[May 15, 2010] 3 of us before the Shiseido Beauty Chat. Janice reached slightly later. It’s great getting to know these ladies!

Without a doubt, 2010 was a great year for MsGlitzy.com. Together with Pearlin, Janice and Christine, we appeared on an advertorial for Shiseido White Lucent. We also sat in front of more than 100 members of the public to share our SWL experience as well as exchange beauty tips. Besides Shiseido, I was also gratified to be able to interact with other beauty brands such as Kiehl’s, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins etc.

[June 14, 2010] I did a Minx Nail manicure… opted for something simple: magenta with sparkly silver hearts.

I was also one of the first few bloggers in Singapore who was MINXED!

[July 22, 2010] Xwen in her lovely Topshop dress (read her latest entry on Fash-Eccentric), Dot in her signature scarf neckpiece. And I was in boring work outfit.

Beauty aside, this was also the year that I met more like-minded fashion bloggers. We had so many awesome parties and fun dinner gatherings together. Who could forget that very RED F1 party and our de-facto mode of transport?

[September 24, 2010] Here’s a picture of our FashBloggersMobile! Told ya, we travel in style.

[June 4, 2010] Thanks Sarah of @wearewottoncool for lending me her laptop!! 🙂

I also had my first live-blogging experience at Mandarin Gallery!

[August 25, 2010] Priceless.. photo of Alexa and me. Great party at Tanjong Beach Club tonight.

This is also the year I think I hit star-gazing jackpot. Besides Alexa Chung, I had the change to meet Louis Koo, Lee Min Ho and Jeanette Aw!

[June 29, 2010] Trying to touch the Colosseum…

In terms of travel, I kick-started 2010 with a NYE holiday in Shanghai, followed by Italy in summer and Hong Kong towards the year-end. I’m going to visit NYC again this year and I am so excited!

[July 26, 2010] I’m kinda excited right now because there is gonna be an interesting giveaway on my blog next week! Here’s a teaser!

This year, I held a number of giveaways for readers. It has been fun conceptualising the giveaways and thank you for participating! I will work harder to put together better giveaways this year! Meanwhile, you can take part in the Surprise Fukubukuro Giveaway that is closing in less than 2 weeks’ time!

[March 17, 2010] Sneak peak of the upcoming music video for #carencelebrate. Thanks to noomie of http://noomiedoodlesfashion.blogspot.com/

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my proudest moment in 2010 is to have organised Let’s Care and Celebrate. Till this day, I find it incredible that I managed to organise a makeup-workshop, coffee appreciation workshop and a online charity auction to help Star Shelter and women suffering from domestic violence. Of course, I would have failed terribly without the help and support of many many readers, companies and bloggers. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL !

2011 is gonna be a hectic year for me. But I promise to continue to present interesting content on this blog and I look forward to hearing more from you!

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