It started like this… I was in a really serious meeting and this colleague was giving a really serious presentation. I was paying a lot of attention to this very serious discussion. Then I caught notice of his light blue tie. And to my surprise, the tie was woven with a multitude of cheery penguins.

After the meeting, I chatted with this colleague and commented that his tie was really “kawaii” – he is Japanese. He shared that he has a little collection of these ‘animal ties’ and I was  subsequently informed that these silk twill ties were from Hermès.

Some people might find these ties lame but I kinda like them, perhaps in a little dorky way. Apparently, these animal ties are a hit among the i-bankers although to be honest, I don’t see that many professionals donning them here. It would be kinda refreshing to see these serious bank executives wear a fun tie with their black suit and well-pressed shirt, don’t you think?

At about US$170 (or S$300), this is a sleek and whimsical piece of Hermès accessory that we ladies can also own, apart from the classic Hermès twilly or scarf. We can wear it as a tie, a belt, a hairband etc etc. Beneath the cheeky designs lies the typical fine workmanship you would expect from the French high fashion house.

I have always regarded Hermès as a classic and elegant brand but the discovery of these quirky ties led me see the label in a different light. Would you wear this? Or would you get this for your man?

Images: Bluefly, Hermès

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