It’s the time of the year where everything is pink and lovey-dovey. While I am certain that most of the readers of are female, I am not sure how many male readers we have out there. Nonetheless, I am going to write a series of gift guides for Valentine’s Day which I hope will benefit both the gentlemen and the ladies. Perhaps the girls can do a better job to “hint hint” what we want from the men this year!

We ladies are like magpies because we like things that are shiny. Hence, a sure-win formula is to get her a stunning piece of jewellery!

1. For the Men with a Budget – GoldHeart Lovelle and Pink Blossom Collection

Be it those who are still “testing the water” or those who face budgetary constraints, don’t be put off by the idea of buying jewellery. There are plenty of sparkly items that are within your reach. For instance, GoldHeart has some fashionable and classic heart-shape pendants that look just as swoon-worthy. The Lovelle series (extreme left: S$468, centre:S$148) boast trendy and elegant curves with brilliant diamonds. For girls who love pink, the Pink Blossom collection is lovingly encrusted with sparkly pink sapphires and prices start from S$118.

2. For the Men with Deep Pockets – De Beers Pink Gold Collection

Image: Lifestyle Asia

If cost is not an issue, the best way to demonstrate your love is to get some rare diamonds! To leave a lasting impression, you should not go for any ordinary diamonds, but choose those with sweet pinkish hues. The Sleeper Earring (extreme left), Solitaire Ring and Pear Drop Sleeper Earrings from De Beers range from 0.7 carat to 2.00 carat. This will definitely go well with the princess you pamper dearly.

3. For the Men who are Adventurous – Pandora

You love the idea of getting something precious, but you wish to give her something fun and unique too. You can opt to customise your own Pandora bracelet with lovely heart-shape charms and other elements for a one-of-the-kind jewellery for her.

Or you can get her a stack of rings with heart shapes or pink gemstones. After all, a set of 3 rings is equivalent to 15 rings! It’s both creative and cost-efficient with the bountiful combination that 3 rings can create.

Pandora’s accessories are either in silver or 14k gold. You can manage the cost by selecting rings that are made from more affordable gemstones and materials.

Happy shopping!

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