I don’t know about you, but I used to associate Clarins as a fine skincare brand. A couple of months ago, many of us were impressed by their Barocco Festive Makeup Collection. Now, I continue to be amazed by the latest Neo Pastels Spring Makeup Collection.

The full range of makeup that I received. Just one look and I was quite in love – especially with the two beige lipsticks!

Closeup of the lipsticks. The two on the left are the Rouge Hydra Nude, which are lipsticks with skincare benefits. Once applied, they not only moisturize, but also nourish and repair your lips. The Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick on the right (Joli Rouge Brilliant) is sheer but the colour is more intense and shimmery.

The swatches of the lipsticks on my hand. Nude Coral and Nude Beige didn’t really look too different on my lips, although I really like Nude Coral for the more orangey tint.

LOTD with the Blush Prodige in 03 Miami Pink, Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette (the Middle 2 shades) and Rouge Hydra Nude in 02 Nude Coral.

I applied the Wonder Volume Mascara on the right eye, and no mascara on the left.

Same look, but changed the lipstick to the Joli Rouge Brilliant in 13 Cherry, which is a more intense red shade with more shine. Perfect for the night.

All in all, I think the Neo Pastels Spring Makeup Collection is a fuss-free and easy set, especially for women who are not confident about their makeup skills.

The limited edition Rouge Hydra Nude (S$35) is my favorite of the lot. First of all, I am into beige lippies recently and I’m totally in love with the two nude shades! The lipstick is rather matte, yet extremely moisturizing. Due to the healthy waxes and mango butter that are infused in the lipstick, the rouge is creamy and extremely easy to apply – your lips are smoothed instantly. The lipstick also boasts a light glossy finish. In short, this is great for everyday wear. Unless your lips are very chapped, you do not even need to set with a lip balm or concealer and you can just apply the lipstick straight away.

The limited edition Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette (S$72), in my opinion, is a great gift set with its wearable and very like-able shades of brown, pink and violet. The eye shadow is very smooth and easy to apply. I prefer my eye shadow dry and found it very easy to control the intensity of the colours. The gel eye liner is rather easy to apply with the brush end of the applicator provided. This is great for those girls who have problems with liquid eyeliner. I think this is a perfect starting point for ladies who are curious about eye makeup, but do not feel proficient enough.

The Blush Prodige (S$52) is unique with its four quads, which is great for contouring. You can also explore different intensity of the colours according to the occasion. So in my opinion, it is almost like having 4 colours in one case. The 03 Miami Pink shade  is a deeper pinkish tone, and Blush Prodige is available in 6 different shades.

I like the long and sleek design of the Wonder Volume Mascara (S$40). Once again, it is really an easy-to-use mascara that’s perfect for beginners. The mascara uses fibres to lengthen the lashes, and all I did was to apply it with a zig-zag manner, a trick that I learnt from the folks at Shiseido. As compared to other fibre-based mascara in the market, this Wonder Volume Mascara doesn’t smudge easily. While the Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume provides more volume to the lashes, I find that although the Clarins version is less voluminous, it is more user-friendly.

Yes, I guess it is evident that I love almost everything from the collection. If you are thinking of getting some new makeup, I urge you to check out the nearest Clarins counter today. If you still haven’t bought your Valentine’s Day present, perhaps you can consider the Neo Pastels Eye Colour Palette!

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