January was such a whirlwind! I was so cooped up with my other life that I couldn’t attend any blog-related event! On a positive note,  our contributors Sera and Ryn started posting this month and I hope you enjoy their entries. Sera used to work in the fashion industry in New York before relocating to Singapore, and Ryn is an artisan jeweller. So if you need any fashion tip or advice on jewellery, feel free to leave a comment!

[20 Jan 2011] Good morning! I think I’m falling in love with this Marni leather satchel[link]

[27 Jan 2011] Love my new 2011 organizer from kikki.K! I feel so cheery just flipping through it! [link]

If you have the habit of writing down your to-dos and appointments on an organiser, I would highly recommend the 2011 organiser from kikki.K! I love the quirky graphics and bright colours of every single page. The stores are located at Ion Orchard, Tampines Mall and Changi Airport. And do you know the designer is Swedish? I think I just reaffirmed my liking towards anything Swedish.

[7 Jan 2011] Guess what @xwen and I have in common! Mine is maroon, Xwen’s black. Winner will be randomly picked and receive a little something from me! [link]

I had dinner with X-Wen after our Shiseido White Lucent makeover and both of us realised that we were using bag organisers. So I “twit-piced” and decided hold a spontaneous giveaway on Facebook. The lucky winner, Hui Yi, received a set of mini Majolica Majorca nail polish!

[6 Jan 2011] I don’t need a Tiffany. I need a Memoring.. a Ring+USB Drive in yummy colours. [link]

I discovered these cute Memorings on a design website and thought it was such an ingenious idea to prevent us from misplacing your USB drives!

[2 Jan 2011] I love love love this getup… Cream dress + Black bra + Coral shoes. For the new year, I hope to shop less but innovate and break out of my comfort zone in terms of my dressing. What is your fashion resolution? [link]

In order to remind myself of my fashion resolution, I have changed the profile picture of my Facebook page to the above style photo.

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