Following its wildly successful “Garden Collection” last year, H&M is launching a “Conscious Collection” on 14th April, made from environmentally-adapted and greener materials such as organic cotton, Tencel® and recycled polyester.

My first thought after seeing the photos of the entire collection for women, men and kids – is the colour scheme. True to the “environmental-friendly” notion, the collection is overwhelmed with white, taupe and beige shades! The women collection is tended towards romanticism, with lovely scallop and lace details.

Lace dress (Recycled Polyester) – HK$499, GBP34.99

Shorts with scallop details (Recycled Polyester) – HK$149, GBP12.99

Top with cut-out details (Organic cotton) – HK$199, GBP14.99

Blazer with scallop details (Recycled Polyester) – HK$399, GBP29.99

Fringe vest (Organic cotton) – HK Price TBC, GBP9.99

For images and prices of the entire collection, please refer to my Facebook album.

Indeed, white and light shades are the hottest trends this season. Leveraging on fabrics that are made without the use of hazardous chemicals, H&M is yet another fashion retailer that supports the whole idea of eco-fashion.

I do wonder though, if the purchase decisions of us consumers are still driven by pricing and design, such that “eco-fashion” is just a good-to-have? Or do you check on the material of the apparel before you decide to pay for it?

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