All right. We are officially hitting towards the end of first quarter. February was an exceptionally short but festive month, with the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. I had a great month although I would have preferred it to be longer. Did you do anything memorable in February?

[23 Feb 2011] This is the reason why I think Scarlett Johansson and Moet & Chandon are a match made in heaven. [link]

[23 Feb 2011] Check out behind-the-scenes and after party of Mulberry AW 2011 show at London Fashion Week! [link]

This is fashion and celebrity galore! Pretty cool video to give us a sense of what happens at Fashion Week!

[17 Feb 2011] Victoria’s Secrets beauty is available at Changi Airport! Quite a wide range of fragrances, lotions and cosmetics! [link]

Yeah in case you haven’t heard about this, a wide range of Victoria’s Secrets cosmetics and fragrances are available at Changi Airport. I found out that a set of Ultimate Makeup Kit costs only S$42!

[16 February 2011] You can never have enough plaid pieces in your wardrobe! [link]

It used to be stripes. Now I have tonnes of checked pieces in my wardrobe and I packed like three checked tops for my recent trip to Hong Kong. Amazing.

[7 February 2011] Which item in the above picture caught your attention first? The shoes? The coat? The dress? Or the bag? [link]

This entry garnered quite a bit of comments. It is interesting a picture can elicit different responses. Some people noticed the shoes first, others saw the coat, the dress, model’s windswept hair etc. But is the picture distracting with too many eye-catching details? I don’t think so.

[7 Feb 2011] Has anyone heard of/tried the Hitachi Face Crie? [link]

Another beauty gadget… has anyone bought/tried this before? I’m kinda deliberating.

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