I have a confession to make. Before last Friday, I have never heard of the “Pagodon”. Incepted in Spring 1998 at Paris, the Kenzo “Pagodon” is actually a cute little bucket bag inspired by elements from South-East Asia and Japan, when Kenzo’s creator Takada was born.

In conjunction with Kenzo’s 40th anniversary, the Pagadon “40th Birthday” Exhibition is in town from 11-20 March. I managed to catch these little cuties up close and personal.

The handle of the “Pagodon” bag is covered with tightly-spiralled leather and fixed by nickle ties shaped like a kimono collar. Don’t you think it looks a little bit like a gardening can?

The shape of the bag is inspired by South East Asian harvesting baskets. Kenzo’s artistic director Antonio Marras introduced different ornaments and fabric to these bags.

My favourite “Pagadon” bag of the lot, with lovely floral motifs.

These bags are currently on display in Kenzo boutique (Level 2) at Takashimaya Departmental Store. It is amazing how many possibilities can exist in this dainty bucket bag.

With X-Wen, who brought me to this event! I was wearing my orange Shiseido Shimmering Rouge!

There was also a short fashion show featuring some of the latest Kenzo’s collection. Photos of the fashion show, featuring a cute male model, had been uploaded on my Facebook page.

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