As some of you might have already know, 14th March is the White Day. A day after Valentine’s Day, this day is celebrated at Korea and Japan when males who received a  “chocolate of love” on Valentine’s Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts. Shiseido decided to take White Day to another level to promote the importance of whitening on this day via a regional campaign.

In Hong Kong,  actress Fala Chen gave her pledge to pure, bright skin.

In Malaysia, there is the Brightening Journey Mobile Lab where everyone can go for a skin consultation.

In Taiwan, singer Anthony Neely is the Whitening Journey Pilot!

In Singapore, artiste Joanne Peh pledged to pure, bright skin together with 5 other bloggers – Mag, Claudia, Ms Glitzy, X-Wen and Holly Jean!

Held at Tangs Orchard, we were there to share our experience with Shiseido White Lucent series to many other women who were curious about the product range.

With Holly Jean and X-Wen (or Kim Joo Wen, now that she has K-style wavy hair). Thanks Shiseido for the lovely makeup. I don’t look like this in real life. Haha!

We were “warming up” the crowd before Joanne Peh arrived. Some of the questions posed by the hosts were quite entertaining.

Signing the pledge.

With Shiseido Singapore’s managing director Wada-san.

I had quite a lot of fun with the rest of the bloggers on White Day! Now, I will be trying out some new SWL products and will post my user reviews once they get my stamps of approval (haha!).

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