I was introduced to the latest makeup from Shiseido this season and what really grabbed my attention was the Shimmering Rouge (S$43), which is available in a massive variety of delicious colours!

A deep playful shade of purplish pink – RS308 Ice Maiden.

Unlike its usual matte Perfect Rouge, the Shimmering Rouge is a more luscious and radiant version that gives you a more three-dimensional lip colour. If you have been following the 2011 runway shows closely, you may notice that this season’s lip colours hover between two extremes – either the subdued nudes to accentuate the bright eye colours or the loud and vibrant lips with natural eye makeup.

Images: Style.com

The above are all the 13 Shimmering Rouge colours! Notice how they gel with the latest trends – consisting of very bright and vibrant shades, as well as natural nudes?

Here are the swatches of three bright colours. Characteristic of Shiseido’s cosmetics, although the lipstick looks really intense, its colour is actually rather sheer and natural at first application. This gives you the freedom to pile up on the shade for a dramatic look or mellow down for everyday wear.

Especially for those with dark or pigmented lips, you can consider using the lip pencil for a more intense and long-lasting application. I tried on the lip pencil and found them really silky and glides well on the skin, perfectly great to use on its own. I am totally in love with the OR310 Tangelo shade!

I had a little makeover with the latest Shiseido makeup collection and I requested for a subtle office look. My lip colour is the RS312 Iced Rose, with a layer of Maquillage gloss. This shade is slightly intense but not too outrageous! Perfect for a polished corporate look. I also had the latest Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio (S$51) on my eye lids – BR 209 Voyage, which consists of cream, gold and bronze colours.

Additionally, I played around with the OR405 Sizzle Shimmering Rouge at home. This is a nice shade of orange, which is the IT lipstick colour this season. I love how versatile this shade is – and the fact it doesn’t seem to appear too harsh against my complexion. While the Shimmering Rouge, as its name suggests, has more shimmer, it strikes a good balance in terms of shine and glossiness. I would liken it to a pleasant and subdued version of the Maquillage glossy lippies.

In short, if you are keen but a little undecided to try out the bold lip trends this season, I would recommend you to check out the latest Shiseido Shimmering Rouge. This is great as an in-between of the real and the runway – more bang for the buck, I guess!

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