The T SpotDuring my last trip to Hong Kong, I managed to visit one of their lifestyle shop “G.O.D”. G.O.D is the acronym for “Goods of Desire”, but its Cantonese pronounciation also means “Living Better”.

As the name suggests, G.O.D is a store selling home wares, fashion items, as well as bags and accessories that stylise the old-school and oriental Hong Kong elements.

This was the store front of the Tsim Sha Tsui store at Silvercord Building. According to their website, there is also a “G.O.D Street Culture Museum”at the Jockey Club Creative Centre in Hong Kong.

Homeware from the “Double Happiness”collection. The Chinese characters of “Double Happiness” is usually used in Chinese weddings.

G.O.D stocks fashion wear that are infused with Oriental elements – such as the Mandarin jacket as seen on the above picture.

The Newspaper bag collection. These bags are made from newspapers or magazines from Hong Kong. With a PVC backing, newspapers/magazines are woven and added a layer of special treatment to be more durable and waterproof. The bags seem rather durable and water proof with an affordable price tag of between S$40-80. Definitely a fun and eco-friendly bag to own.

Cards and pillow covers with Chinese characters.

Do drop by one of their stores (if you haven’t) during your next trip to Hong Kong! I apologise for the lack-lustre pictures here. There was a “No Photography” notice at the store and I had to avoid roving eyes from the store assistants. I obviously didn’t understand both English and Mandarin. 🙂

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