With the ongoing inflation, the value of SGD 5 bucks has dropped. It used to be able to feed two people at lunch. Now, it can barely feed one.

Alright, I digressed. I wanted to share with you my recent cheap and fabulous buys from Tony Moly. To sum up, I got myself some trendy khaki shades at less than $5 a pop and these polishes were surprisingly pretty good in quality.

This colour is TR05 – Sad Green. A very unique blend of turquoise and green.

This is TR09 – Deep purple. A deep and sombre shade of purple which is more appropriate for Fall season.

I brought these nail polishes to my manicurist, who upon using them complimented how easy to apply they were. Also, the colours available – especially the Trendy series (see picture below) were rather unique – I don’t recall seeing some of these shades at OPI. In fact, some colours were reminiscent of the limited edition Chanel Les Khaki series.

On another note, I added on the OPI Shatter to my Tony Moly Sad Green nails. The result? You be the judge.

For the uninitiated, the OPI Shatter is a special nail polish that “cracks” after it dries up. Really fun and look kinda like a Minx manicure. Do get “Shattered” if you haven’t!

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