The temperature has gone up and the sun is shining bright in this little island of ours. It’s time to block the UV rays out of our precious skin unless we want premature aging!

(Left to right)
1. Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Brightening UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++ (S$79)
2. Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++ (S$59, to be launched in June)
3. Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 UVA-UVB/PA+++(S$74, available in tinted and neutral versions)
4. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ (S$68 for 30ml).

Several skincare companies have launched their power UV defense products recently. I have gotten hold of the offerings from my favorite brands, as you can see from the above picture. One blanket statement that I would like to make having tried all 4 products is that these sun screens are all pretty decent, although they are priced towards the higher side. So the question is, which one gives you more bang for the buck?


All products are available in 30ml packaging, and their product designs are slim, small and very handy. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense probably gets an extra vote as it uses snap opening, which is more convenient than the other three which requires you to twist and turn the caps.


The sun protection products from Shiseido and Clarins are on the feathery and watery side. Kiehl’s version is a light-weight, non-greasy cream (refer to my review here) which I don’t mind, although I am more inclined towards the liquid ones. Elizabeth Arden’s sun protector cream feels rather thick and heavy in comparison, which I am not a fan of.

So narrowing down to my two favourites in terms of texture – Shiseido and Clarins, from the picture on the left, you can see that Shiseido’s new Multi Defense UV Protector is very light and watery. It flows down as I moved my hand slightly. The formula mattifies very quickly and leaves a smooth and powdery finish almost instantly.

Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen is light-weight too, but requires a little bit more time to set and be absorbed. After about 10-15 seconds, the surface is rather smooth although there is a wee bit of shine.


All the sun screens featured here are white based, except for Clarins, which has two versions (tinted and neutral) available. All the 3 white sun screens do not create a white cast, which is great. My vote goes to the Clarins UV Plus HP tinted Day Screen, as the light tint makes it perfect as a makeup base.


At S$59, Shiseido Multi Defense UV Protector is the most affordable 30ml sunscreen of the lot, and with its light, matte and non-greasy nature, it is definitely a worthy sun screen to purchase. Do keep a look out at the makeup counter come June if you are interested to get hold of this product.

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defense comes to a second with their new jumbo version at S$95 for 60ml. The beauty brand has recently launched a charity pack with local singer, JJ Lin where you can get a 60ml jumbo sun screen with a limited edition Kiehl’s tote designed by JJ Lin himself, as well as his latest album, at S$95. Proceeds of this charity pack goes to the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).


The Shiseido Multi Defense UV Protector is a clear winner with its smooth, light and efficient nature, as well as its most attractive price point. My personal favourite also goes to the Clarins UV Plus HP tinted Day Screen because the product characteristic is somewhat comparable with Shiseido’s, but being tinted, the product helps to even out your skin tone and prep it better before applying make up. The downside is it costs S$15 more than Shiseido – and you could just use your makeup primer after your sunblock to achieve similar effect.

Of course, some of you may be using a certain range of skincare products and as I have probably mentioned before, I think it is often best to use products from the same range if possible. While I do not really favour the Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme UV Protector in comparison to the others, you may still want to give it a consideration if you are currently a user of their White Glove range. This is because, similar skincare ranges often utilise similar or complementary ingredients which work well with each other to attain maximum benefits.

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