The first quarter of 2011 has flew by! Has 2011 progressed according to your plan so far? If not, you still have 3 more quarters to make things work!

[March 30, 2011] Good morning! Just spotted this Juicy Couture Kissing Birds Ring… how cute is this?? [link]

You can get this adorable ring at only US$65 from Juicy Couture website.

[March 28, 2011] Here comes the nail polish that changes colour according to your mood. (Technically, the colour changes at a certain temperature, such as when the nails are in contact with hot water…) [link]

[March 22, 2011] This is cupcake obsession.. From Caffe Habitu Hong Kong. [link]

While in Hong Kong, someone ordered a batch of cupcakes from Caffe Habitu. The cupcakes not only looked tempting, they were not too cloyingly sweet, just the way I like it. During one of my free days, I also visited the cafe at Wanchai and really enjoyed their signature Rose Latte!

[March 18, 2011] High cuts from Monki. HKD 100. [link]

I visited Langham Palace, a mall at Mongkok one evening and checked out Swedish fashion store Monki for the first time. This pair of beige/light brown high cuts were on sale at about S$16. There was no reason not to get them!

[March 14, 2011] Ooh, Emma Watson is the new face for Lancome… a sneak peek of her shooting for the Lancome campaign! [link]

There has been quite a bit of debate on whether Emma Watson is a good fit for Lancome. The sleek short crop with bright lips might be a bit too harsh for Emma, but who knows? I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this series of ads!

[March 11, 2011] Yay, we are probably going to see men like this at Orchard in Q3 this year because Abercrombie & Fitch is opening at Knightsbridge!!! [link]

Yes the big news is that Abercrombie & Fitch is opening in Singapore! The above picture was taken when I visited the NYC 5th Avenue store many years ago. Apparently, the upcoming A&F store in Singapore will follow the brand’s global concept. Does that mean we will see hot guys clad only in their low-rise A&F jeans in sunny Singapore?

Also, I found out that A&F will be opening in Hong Kong – at the Pedder Building around Central area, where Shanghai Tang is currently located. American Eagle has opened in Kowloon, and Anthropologie announced last year that they were looking to set up a store in Japan. Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the influx of more Western fashion brands in Asia?

[March 6, 2011] If you have long hair, here are some ideas how you can jazz up your ponytail. (Photo from [link]

I always thought a ponytail is just a ponytail. I never knew that it could be so varied. I have gotten a friend to share his thoughts on this latest hair trend, so stay tuned for my upcoming post on this topic!

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