Previously on, we introduced one of the most popular runway hairstyles – the Power Ponytail.

With the help of my friends Mr Stylistry and Sgprincess, we have put together a video on how to DIY this hairstyle on your own. Trust me, it is kinda easy peasy.

There are some additional tips that didn’t make its way into the video.

1) The ideal ponytail position

Draw an imaginary straight line that is extrapolated from the chin to the ear and then to the hair. The point at the head is the best position for your power ponytail. Interestingly, you are pretty assured that you will not look silly with a “higher” ponytail at this said point and in fact it gives your more force and authority.

2) Cleaning up the frays

To carry off a clean and sleek ponytail, hairspray or smoothing cream is a MUST to remove all the baby hair.

3) Concealing the bald spots

Some ladies have slightly bald spots at the area near the temple. You can conceal your bald spot by applying some mascara at the area!

4) Set the hair before you tie the ponytail

For those who have flat hair and would prefer some volume at the crown, you can set your hair at the crown area with rollers first.

Hope you like the video! Special thanks to Trend Supply for lending us the hair equipment.

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