After writing about TCSC last year, I have been wanting to meet these satchels in person. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Doorstep Luxury, I was able to see these samples in different sizes and colours at their showroom!

While the ladies weren’t looking, the bags and I got engaged in a really great conversation. I’m glad I have gotten to know them better. I thought I should share details of our chat with you, especially if you are thinking of bringing a TCSC bag home.

MsGlitzy: Welcome to Singapore!

15″ Batchel in Black and Brown (aka head honcho of the pack): Hi! We are really delighted to be in sunny Singapore. It was a long journey from Britain to Singapore but my brothers and sisters are enjoying themselves here.

Just to tell you a little bit about ourselves, we are genuine leather bags made by hand in Britain. Our family website can be found here.

Satchels in different sizes and colours.

MsGlitzy: Your family comes in so many colours and sizes. It is a headache just to decide which one to bring home.

11″ Satchel in Purple (aka baby of the family): Among the satchel family, there are 4 sizes to choose from. I’m the smallest, 11″ and there are 13″, 14″ and 15″ sizes as well. I am really functional as a weekend handbag or a clutch. Since you are rather tall, you can carry my 13″ brother as a clutch too, he fits A4! The 14″ and 15″ brothers are fabulous if you are looking for a sling/shoulder bag to hold many things.

(left to right) With the Green Satchel (13″) and Purple Satchel (11″), followed by Red (13″) and Yellow Satchel (14″)

MsGlitzy: Ok, since I like the look and feel of this bag as a clutch, I shall choose the 11″. 13″ is lovely but I think it somewhat works better as a shoulder bag because of its larger base. Now, which colour?

11″ Satchel in Purple: All of us come with leather straps, you can use us whichever way you fancy. I know you are torn between the Green, Red and Yellow. It’s fine, I don’t bear grudges.

MsGlitzy: And I really love the Multi-Colour Batchels! Hello!

14″ Brown/Navy Batchel: Nice to meet you! We are the cousins of the satchels. We come with an additional top handle, so whilst you can choose to carry us like a briefcase, we can be slung over the shoulder with the adjustable leather strap. We were initially designed exclusively for Urban Outfitters. We got too popular and our founders decided to come up with more colour variations.

MsGlitzy: Yes, you guys make cute document bags! Just that the buckles can be a bit troublesome.. I would prefer magnetic closure for my work bag.

14″ Brown/Navy Batchel: That’s what make us old-school, lady! I am good for A4 documents and my brother, the 15″, is perfect for your laptop!

MsGlitzy: You know, some people can be picky. They might be looking for satchels that are more unique than you.

14″ Purple/Yellow Batchel: Our founders recently collaborated with ASOS. There are some exclusive cousins now available at ASOS which these picky pickles can consider. Besides fancy colour combinations, a few of my cousins are made in patent leather.

Exclusive Cambridge Satchel Collection on ASOS

MsGlitzy: That’s fantastic news! Alright, It’s getting late and I need to go. Thank you so much for your time!

14″ Purple/Yellow Batchel: My pleasure. Thank you very much indeed!

Singapore-based e-boutique Doorstep Luxury is conducting a pre-order for the regular satchels and batchels from TCSC on their Facebook Page. Prices, inclusive of free shipping within Singapore, range from S$170 to S$300. The pricing is comparable to TCSC website, but you will incur shipping costs if you were to buy direct via TCSC. While the bags on sale at ASOS are not as priced as competitively as DSL (especially for the regular satchels), you can consider buying from ASOS too if you like their exclusive designs.

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