I have been wondering how I can incorporate a nice dash of Orange in my outfits. I do not have any bright tangerine/apricot/carrot/____ (insert any other term that describes orange) apparel in my wardrobe yet but let’s see how we can mix and match them for different occasions to justify the upcoming “investment”!

1. Colour Block

The easiest way is to seek guidance from magazine spreads and look books. The colour block trend is rife and we can ride on this trend by matching an orange top and a bright bottom. The fuschia-orange match is a hot favourite this season and I think the above outfit is a great one for work (do you think so?). However, I was a bit more conservative by sticking to black for the other accessories such as necklace, handbag and shoes.

2. Mash it with the Blues

I like the combination of orange with navy. It looks innovative but not too crazy, and the orange top + navy pants combination is easy to assemble and suitable for casual or corporate settings. For the above outfit, I added a silk scarf as an accessory. It’s time for our (or our mom’s) vintage silk scarves to be seen again!

3. The Bright with the Lights

Another straightforward mix and match is to wear orange with white and blush/nude shades. The above outfit is probably more casual, but that shouldn’t deter you from bringing out your white pant suit and wearing your orange top under your white blazer for the office!

Matched the outfit with a beige jacket for illustration purpose. This jacket/cape looks amazing, isn’t it? It’s from Monki!

4. Drama-Mama

Go a bit further and match brights with prints! You could look for prints with colours that would go well with orange – such as white, camel, red, blue and fuschia. But there is really no hard and fast rule with prints, so you may wish go with your intuition to experiment!

I like the combination of green with orange and thought the silk skirt was perfect for the orange blouse. I kinda “cheated” here because the magenta blazer, orange blouse and colour block sandals are all from Zara!

5. The Tricky Orange and Red = Chinese New Year

Orange and red is a prosperous combination that is reminiscent of Chinese New Year – just like how red and green reminds you of Christmas. Like an art and science, it works for some and not for others. My suggestion for those who wanna take it safe, is to go for a darker, deeper shade of burgundy or maroon. If you still prefer to try out bright red, opt for short skirts or shorts.

I tried to pair the orange blouse with a pair of fire engine red pants which some of us might own from our adolescent days. Erm, does this work?

Images: Looklet

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