I attended 2 shows on the 2nd day of Audi Fashion Festival this year – the first one was Erdem AW 2011 and the second, Atelier Swarovski.

Dress: Attic and Barn Ablette Silk Dress (from TANG+Co) | Shoes: Kenneth Cole |
Bag: Mango from many moons ago | Necklace: ASOS

I found out that “Attic and Barn” is a “vintage”, or rather retro Italian label. I love how this silk dress almost fits me to a tee with just two buttons! Really, just button up the one on the right and then button again on the left and the folds and pleats just settle smoothly on its own. Effortless!

And my Mango mini briefcase was bought from an eBay seller based in the UK many years ago.. I suddenly remembered this bag the day before the event and thought it would match the retro and playful vibes of the dress.

X-Wen‘s dress was from Tibi, available at TANG+Co too!

The dress that I was wearing is available on Farfetch.com. Check out the details and more pictures here. TANG+Co stocks up quite a few dresses from the label so you could head over their stores if you are curious.


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