This year, Shiseido White Lucent (SWL) launched 3 new cosmetic products into its suite of whitening series – the Brightening Spot Control Base, Brightening Spot Control Foundation and Brightening Skincare Powder. These three products are makeup items with skincare benefits, and serve to enhance the whitening effect from the SWL skincare range.

1. Brightening Spot Control Base UV SPF 35 (S$75)

This 30ml makeup base comes in three colours that you can choose from – Pink, Green and Ivory. Pink one corrects dull or yellowish skin tone, Green is used to neutralise redness (probably good if you have acne) while Ivory corrects uneven skin tone. I was using the Ivory one as my makeup base before concealer and foundation.

As a makeup product with skincare benefits, the Brightening Spot Control Base UV is packed with SPF 35 PA +++, as well as m-Tranexamic Acid, which is one of the whitening ingredients in most of White Lucent skincare products. Not only does it provide even out your skin tone cosmetically, it also works at diminishing your spots and controlling skin tone at the background.

I like that the Brightening Spot Control Base is not too thick as I don’t think my skin can endure many products piled onto it. Just one thin layer of it would provide a smoother finish, and better surface for the foundation to act on. I noticed that spots do lighten a bit faster, probably because it works hand in hand with the SWL skincare that I was also using.

2. Brightening Spot Control Foundation SPF 25 (S$88)

Similar to the Brightening Spot Control Base, the foundation also contains m-Tranexamic Acid and contains SPF 25 PA+++. Therefore, the foundation is supposed to help diminish spots and control spots formation.

The powder is finely milled and provides decent coverage, although the effect is best when applied with a brush, rather than the sponge provided. The foundation also has a “brightening effect”, giving the skin a fairer tone although the shade I was using was close to my natural skin colour.

What I did not really like about the foundation, was not really the product per se, but the packaging. The plastic foundation case was reminiscent of my first ZA foundation. I think it would have been more value-for-money if more thought was put into the packaging.

3. Brightening Skincare Powder (S$75)

Essentially a loose powder with m-Tranexamic Acid, you could apply some powder after your makeup base and liquid foundation. However, Shiseido also recommends that you dust some face powder after your SWL skincare regime at night, given its skincare properties.

I hardly use much loose powder, although I could dust some skincare powder in the middle of the day to blot away some oil and look more refreshed. On days when I do not wear makeup, I could apply the skincare powder after my SWL skincare (softener, serum, moisturizer) before I head out.


While I have almost nothing but praises for these three products, I feel that they fall under the category of “nice to have”, rather than “must have”. Indeed, the makeup base, foundation and skincare powder are able to work hand in hand with the SWL skincare products and probably expedite the whitening or spot diminishing process. However, I feel that current SWL skincare users might be able to derive better skincare benefits from these 3 items, rather than non-users.

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