Tomorrow is Singapore’s Polling Day! Have you decided who to cast your vote for? To my non-Singaporean readers, the Singapore’s General Elections this year is the most highly contested in the nation’s history and certainly one which generated unprecedented level of national attention and debate.

Having seen and heard many candidates on the TV, Youtube, papers or at the rallies over the past couple of weeks, I have picked out three female candidates and taken the liberty to imagine what they should be wearing tomorrow. Let’s face it, the sartorial preference of female politicians should be as important as her policy recommendations and action plans. Look at how Michelle Obama was able to influence J Crew sales simply because she looked good in her outfit!

1. Tin Pei Ling (People’s Action Party)

Ms Tin is a young, petite and inexperienced candidate who might need to up her maturity level to win respect. While we know that the environment at the polling stations or community centres would be warm and stuffy, I think Ms Tin needs to wear a jacket or blazer to add some age to her youthful looks.

As such, I put together a jacket outfit – with choice of a thin three-quarter lace jacket, silk top and a pair of fitted white capri pants. Given that she needs to walk around quite a bit, a pair of cream loafers would provide more comfort and stability. From past videos, we know that Ms Tin likes white cap and dangling earrings. These need to be replaced with simple jewellery such as small pearl or diamond studs.

Last but not least.. how can I forget? Of course that taupe shoulder bag is from Ms Tin’s favorite brand – Kate Spade.

2. Nicole Seah (National Solidarity Party)

Ms Seah has impressed many with her eloquence and calm composure but there are also some comments that she appears too fierce and aggressive. As such, I think there is a need for her to “soften” her image by wearing more feminine dresses. She is in luck that her party’s colour, orange, is the hottest colour this season, so there are tonnes of apparels at the stores decked in this shade.

I have introduced a cotton shirt dress, which is both comfortable and flattering. Once again, I believe that comfort and stability is important for the female candidates on this special day, so I included a pair of ballet flats – with feminine bows no less – for her. I was tempted to add on a saccharine sweet pink bag but figured that with her outgoing personality, a dash of brighter shade like yellow could be a refreshing addition.

3. Glenda Han (Workers’ Party)

Ms Han is a 35-year-old business woman blessed with youthful looks and girlish demeanor. Like Ms Tin, she may wish to change her dressing style slightly to look more matured.

I have introduced a feminine drapey dress with soft cotton shrug to inject sophistication into the outfit. For more maturity points, I threw in a pearl necklace. As Ms Han has side-swept fringe which could be a nuisance on windy days, I suggest she could either use styling wax to secure her fringe together, or use some simple hair pins to pin her hair to the side. I have also added a decent leather folio for her to keep her documents and speeches together.

For my non-Singaporean readers who might not know the context of Singapore’s elections, I hope this post would be useful if you are thinking of rejuvenating your office outfits. As for Singaporean readers, have a good voting experience tomorrow!

Outfit Images: Polyvore

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