There have been a number of brand-bloggers collaborations in the recent years. Off hand I recall that Coach NY invited a few bloggers to design their own handbag last year and recently, MAC invited a number of bloggers to contribute to a blogger make-up collection.

Then, there is the Bag Snob who managed to snag a lovely tie-up with DKNY. In October, 5 bags designed by the blogger duo, Tina and Kelly will be retailing globally!

The little collection has 5 bags of different sizes which Bag Snob felt are essential handbags that every woman needs to complete their wardrobes. Details of these bags were unveiled last month as they were available for pre-reservation on DKNY Facebook Page then. If you have missed the boat, Club 21 might be bringing in limited quantities to Singapore come October.

Note that prices stated are in US$.

What do you think of this collection? I have not seen the real deal but I believe that The Clutch and The Treasure would be more popular than the rest. In particular, The Treasure reminds me of the Fendi Silvana (refer to picture below). Does anyone agree?

近来博客深受品牌亲睐,除了受邀出席品牌派对,担任品牌代言人,最近更流行邀请博客担任品牌的设计师。美国的DKNY与包包达人博客Bag Snob合作,由Bag Snob设计一系列5款限量包包。5种设计,适合不同场合以及不同个性的女生。不晓得你看上哪一款呢?鄙人觉得当中The Treasure包包有点貌似最近很火红的Fendi Silvana。

Bag Snob X DKNY 包包系列将在10月秋季的时候在世界各地公开发售。听说届时也会在新加坡DKNY店限量售卖。


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