I attended a workshop about integrating essential oils in our daily life at Spa Esprit, which is located at the Beauty Emporium in Dempsey. For the uninitiated, the Beauty Emporium houses Spa Esprit, Browhaus and Strip all under one roof!

I have been curious about essential oils,  after a reader shared with us about hydrosols, which were good for her skin. The oils are usually naturally derived and are reputed to also have medicinal properties. But I have never really made an effort to research on them.

A representative from DoTerra imparted her knowledge on essential oils. You can heal and relax with a custom blend of oils. Different oil serves different purposes – such as alleviating aches and pain, healing scars, reduce stress etc. You could refer to the guide here for the type of essential oils suitable for each ailment.

Next, we were given the opportunity to blend our own shower gel. We could test the blend and customise the quantity of oil required. I narrowed down my needs to reducing acne – I still have some stubborn acne on my right cheek – as well as reducing stress. Based on these needs, I found some common oils that could complement each other. My base note was Ylang Ylang – which helps to soothe anxiety and anger and has good calming properties. Medium note was Lavender, which is good for skin healing. The top note was Grapefruit, which has a lovely citrus scent and is perfect for uplifting one’s moods.

My shower gel, mixed with the blend of essential oils that I had concocted. The outcome is an initial whiff of fresh grapefruit aroma, followed by a soothing fragrance of lavender once the gel has settled.

My 2 bottles of shower gel, which is supposed to have relaxation and skincare properties!

Beside selling doTerra’s essential oils, Spa Esprit has their own custom blend too. You can choose which one you prefer and incorporate them in your massage sessions. Other than shower gels, you can also DIY your own moisturizer and other wellness solutions.

I really like the environment at Beauty Emporium. It is a good place to unwind and relax during the weekend.

Spotted several bespoke skincare brands such as Doctor Hauschka, Aesop, REN and Malin+Goetz on the shelves. Could be fun to spend a Saturday afternoon figuring out different skincare products while waiting for your massage or brow threading appointment.

Beauty Emporium
Blk 8D, Level 2, Dempsey Road
Tel: 6475 7375
Open: Daily 10am–10pm

之前到了本地Spa Esprit了解精油的用处。虽然之前听说精油的疗效很多,而且都是天然制成的,对身体绝对无任何副作用,但是从没花心思去多吸收这门知识。精油除了可以用来香薰,也能直接敷在身体。除了传授精油的知识,我也有机会自制适合自己的沐浴露。我想要有减压以及抗暗疮的沐浴露,于是加了伊兰伊兰,薰衣草以及葡萄柚精油。若有时间的话,真想仔细研究一下各种精油的用途以及自己调配适合自己的复方精油。

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