I walked past the Jill Stuart at IFC Mall in Hong Kong and spotted the mannequin wearing a t-shirt saying “Jill Stuart Loves and Support Japan!“. When I returned to Singapore, I received information from Uniqlo, agnès b. and Armani Exchange on their Japan charity fashion efforts too. So besides contributing to the effort, you are now spoilt for choices on which design to wear and spread the message of love to everyone you meet.

( from left) Jill Stuart Loves and Support Japan Charity Tee, Uniqlo Save Japan UT by Karl Lagerfeld

The Jill Stuart campaign consists of one charity t-shirt with the designer’s message for everyone. The t-shirt could be purchased at Jill Stuart’s boutique worldwide and costs only 1050 JPY (S$16).

The Uniqlo Save Japan UT project is of a larger scale, gathering 10 artists and creators to design their own t-shirt. Uniqlo plans to donate 100 million yen through the sale of these t-shirts to Japanese Red Cross Society.

(from left) UT by Lady Gaga, UT by Blake Lively.

(from left) UT by Nicole Kidman, UT by Orlando Bloom

These t-shirts will be on sale at Uniqlo stores worldwide from 25 June. For pictures of all the designs, you could refer to my Facebook album. Each UT costs S$24.90.

Similarly, agnès b. has launched a series of charity t-shirts and tote bags and all profits go to Japanese Red Cross too.

(from left) “Dear Japanese friends, we are thinking of you”, “Live with courageous Japan!”

Message on the tote bag: “I love and think of you from the bottom of my heart”

Each t-shirt costs S$85, while the tote bag is priced at S$65.

A|X Armani Exchange has also launched a unisex Japan Relief T-Shirt and added a social media stance to the whole effort. You are encouraged to visit the A|X stores, take a snap of yourself with the t-shirt and check in via Facebook. Check out their Facebook note here!

So, are you ready for this fashion propaganda? It would be cool to wear the slogan t-shirt with a casual blazer and spread the message to everyone around you. After all, Orlando Bloom said “Through struggle, we unite and overcome”. It’s time to do your bit now if you haven’t!

上回在香港 IFC Mall 经过 Jill Stuart, 瞥见他们为日本地震传递的爱心口号 t-shirt。没想到回国后,也陆续收到来自 Uniqlo, agnès b. 及 Armani Exchange 为日本灾难筹款所推出的商品及 t-shirt 的详情。Uniqlo 更集合了10位知名设计师和明星为白色UT设计爱心宣言。你有看上那一款商品吗? 我觉得这样的筹款方式挺有意思的,又能帮助灾民,也能达到宣传效果,大家不妨考虑支持一下!

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