I totally understand that when it comes to beauty, sloth is intolerable. When it comes to make-up on a “hardworking” day, the falsies probably have a role to play in emphasizing the peepers. But yes, I am a beauty sloth for X% of my life and when there are little minutes and seconds left for the falsies, the mascara comes to the rescue.

So, today I would like to share with you my current favourite mascara and lash serum. One helps to create volume instantly while the other nurtures volume gradually.

1. Instant Volume: L’Oréal Paris Curl Impact Collagene Mascara

To be honest, I never have good impression of L’Oréal mascaras because I had one which was a total smudge magnet. While I tested the Curl Impact Collagene with loads of skepticism at the beginning, I am rather glad to give it a stamp of approval after using it for a month. At S$26.90, this is my on-the-go mascara when I’m out and need some touch-up.

The marketing material claims that you do not need to use a lash curler because the mascara is able to curl your lashes for you. This requires a bit of technique to maneuver the S-shape brush.

So if you are a total sloth, just use a curler and then apply the mascara! I like that it is not messy at application and doesn’t really clump unless I apply copious layers on my lashies. My lashes look voluminous but not “spidery”. And no, no embarrassing smudge fest and this is easily removed with makeup remover wipes and warm water.

While there are other mascaras that I really like, such as the Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara, this drugstore option is really a recommended buy for those who are looking for something more value-for-money.

2. Volume Nurturer: Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash

Let me tell you a true story. One day while curling my lashes, I exerted to much force when removing the curler and a freak accident happened. A section of my lashes were yanked out. I was horrified, how embarrassing is it to walk around with a bald patch at the eyelid? You and I know that lashes are not fungus. They don’t grow overnight.

I did some research online on lash serum and learnt about Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash that hails from Switzerland. Sasa was selling it at a discount (S$15 instead of usual price of S$22). I grabbed it and applied the serum twice a day. Within 1 week, I saw some signs of growth at the previously bald patch. By 1 month, it was as if nothing freaky had ever happened.

While the lashes did not exactly grew longer, the Mavala Eye-Lite did wonders in creating volume naturally. It did not really irritate my eye or lashes, so on days when I do not use mascara, I could apply a coat of Mavala to provide “nourishment”.

So if you just encountered a freak accident like I did previously, don’t fret! Be careful next time and for now, focus on reinstating the bald patch to its previous glory with a good lash serum!

所谓“没有丑女人,只有懒女人”。现在的化妆品不胜枚举,若要让眼睛更加迷人,可以动用假睫毛,或者求助于一支很好的睫毛膏。本人使用了L’Oréal Paris Curl Impact Collagene Mascara, 觉得这个产品价格便宜,效果还不错,适合随身携带。当然,睫毛是需要细心栽培的。虽然mascara能够瞬间使您的眼睫毛看起来浓密立体,日常的保养也是必要的。之前,粗鲁的我因为用睫毛夹时过度使劲,结果将一撮宝贝的眼睫毛给扯出来。多亏了来自瑞士的Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash,让我的眼睫毛再次“健康成长”,在一个月内恢复之前的浓密度。若你也遇到类似的困难,除了下回夹睫毛时记得温柔一点之外,不妨试试Mavala的这款睫毛保养液,拯救您的宝贝睫毛。

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