It all started with Clarins, who sent me their revamped Colour Quench Lip Balm. I remembered that I had a sample size of this lip gloss stashed aside somewhere. One led to another so here I am, blogging about these lip glosses from Clarins, Fancl and Kiehl’s.

(Clockwise) Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in Shade 01 (Pink Marshmellow), Kiehl’s Pear Tree Lip Gloss, Fancl Lip Gloss, Sample size Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in Shade 10.

All of them look similar in terms of packaging. And they provide a glossy finish. Although Clarins named their product as a “lip balm”, it is technically a gloss.

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm (S$33 for 15ml)

When I first received the sample size in shade 10 which looks like candy pink, I tried on it once and stashed it aside. The colour didn’t go well with my dry and pigmented lips and the gloss felt a little bit sticky . However, this time around, Shade 01, which is a very light pink shade, did changed my impression of this product. Once applied, it is almost a sheer but iridescent as the formula contains sparkly shimmer. I am not sure whether it is me or my improved lip condition but this revamped version was non-sticky and less drying on the lips. It glides on quite well and does have pretty strong moisturizing properties! My lips didn’t crack like it usually would after a few hours in the air-conditioned office.

This lip gloss is good for those who appreciates some shimmer and shine.

I was using the Shade 01, but strangely the camera couldn’t quite capture the shimmer. Also used some light bronzer on my cheeks because it’s summer (Ok, I digressed).

Fancl Lip Gloss (S$24.50 for 8g)

Fancl Point Makeup is made from preservative-free formula, as such their cosmetics are perfect for those with sensitive skin although they also generally have shorter shelf life. Let’s start with what I dislike about the lip gloss. The packaging looks very cheap – it reminds me of some drug store brand. But putting that aside, you are required to pierce a hole on the opening of the lip gloss before you start using, ensuring its “freshness”.

In terms of performance, the product actually didn’t disappoint. I actually prefer the Fancl lip gloss more than Clarins because the formula managed to smooth the folds of my lips well – Clarins Lip Balm had less of that effect probably because of the shimmers, which is supposed to be create a  multi-dimensional pout. The Fancl lip gloss has good amount of shine but no shimmer.

The comparison of Clarins vs Fancl. You could see how the Fancl lip gloss “settled”on my lips quite nicely.

Kiehl’s Pear Tree Lip Gloss (S$26 for 15ml)

Kiehl’s is reputed for its lip products, especially the lip balms. The lip gloss has been a long-time favourite of mine, because it is moisturising enough for the biting cold weather overseas and I have no qualms about applying it again and again because it doesn’t dry my lips like other lipsticks. Yet, it provides a little bit of shine, good for a minimal make-up look. So for a while, it was the perfect lip product for travel. Actually, the Kiehl’s lip gloss is similar to the Fancl one, except that it is priced more economically and has a lighter nude shade. I also fancy the refreshing Pear Tree scent from the lip gloss. In terms of glossy finish, Kiehl’s version has less shine than Fancl’s and in fact, it feels a bit closer to a lip balm!


It feels almost like a tie because the lip glosses from these three brands have pretty awesome moisturizing properties, but with different intensity of shine. Therefore, it boils down to individual preference. If I am lazy and want to look more polished with some shine on my lips without the use of lipstick, I would go for Clarins. But if I am looking for a more minimal day-to-day lip gloss, I think my preference would still be Fancl and Kiehl’s.

因为 Clarins 推出了新版的护唇蜜,我依稀记得曾经使用过同款旧版的产品。之后翻开化妆箱又找到了Fancl和Kiehl’s的护唇蜜。这些牌子的包装相似,其实产品的保湿能力都不错。Clarins的护唇蜜含亮粉,所以使双唇看起来较晶莹剔透。Fancl 和 Kiehl’s 的产品则较相同,两款滋润唇蜜都比较自然,适合日常使用。其中Fancl 的化妆品都不含防腐剂,适合敏感的肌肤,但是产品的寿命也相对较短。


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