Hi everyone! I’m finally back from my one-week trip in Beijing. I managed to visit the Louis Vuitton “Voyages” Exhibition at the National Museum of China and can’t wait to share with you pictures I took of the exhibition!

With the luxury brand’s 20th anniversary in China, Louis Vuitton presents its “Voyage” exhibition at the historical National Museum of China, which is located at the TianAnMen Square.

The exhibition has 4 parts: The Beginning, which showcases the brand’s history, which is followed by a hot-air balloon time journey to view the iconic places and objects that impacted LV over the years. The large standing trunk in Damier Canvas in the above picture was made in 1889.

A small elegant flat bag by Louis Vuitton, that is made from Morocco leather in 1910.

Louis Vuitton furniture!

The exhibition is shaped like a voyage, where visitors will be travel through time and better understand the legacy of the French powerhouse. The above is a more recent milestone, the collection of bags made specially for the movie “The Darjeeling Limited“.

The third part of the exhibition is my favourite. The futuristic presentation is a showcase of LV’s collaborations with artists and distinguished figures from the fashion, arts and literature arena.

Louis Vuitton has gained significant market share in China and Asia, this exhibition is a good opportunity for such consumers to better understand the brand’s philosophy and the history behind each classic bag.

The fourth part of the exhibition is a multimedia presentation which allows visitors to create their own LV journey with the interactive technology.

While there have been a growing trend of designers holding retrospective exhibitions, the Louis Vuitton “Voyages” exhibition was overall a great visual and sensory experience. If you are visiting Beijing from now till 30th August, do drop by the exhibition, which only costs 10RMB (S$2) at the entrance.

“Louis Vuitton Voyages” Exhibition at National Museum of China
Start: 31 May 2011
End Date: 30 Aug 2011
Address: 16 East Chang’an Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100006, P. R. China

刚从北京回来,虽然行程有些赶,还是抽空参观 Louis Vuitton 在国家博物馆的“艺术时空之旅”展览。LV 入驻中国市场20年,把展览设在具历史性的国博,似乎受到一些争议。毕竟其他品牌如 Diane von Furstenberg 今年初北京展览就在艺术气息浓厚的798艺术区。尽管如此,本人觉得这个展览非常值得一看。除了能够了解LV的品牌历史,也能够欣赏许多历届受欢迎的限量皮革品。通过4个代表不同时代的展览区,我们有如乘坐一艘船,踏上Louis Vuitton为我们安排的旅途,穿梭各个不同的时代。展览至8月底结束,若你在北京,记得去参观!

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