I have been exposed to so much love recently. And all these love seems to be happening in New York City.

Someone told me that NYC is a place where people go to pursue their dreams. Not many people expect themselves to settle down in the city, as such there is often not much commitment attached to a relationship. If this observation is true, then Tiffany & Co. is indeed dispelling that impression with their latest website and iPhone app named “What Makes Love True“.

In the website were several New York love stories, romantic spots in NYC and Netizens can mark their “heart” on the Google Map and share their memorable love stories.

There was also a short documentary interviewing a few couples in NYC – how they met, what they like about each other and how he popped the question. The film was presented in a realistic and witty manner, yet left me with so much warmth and fuzziness.

Who said there is hardly any love at NYC?

Next is the ad for Vera Wang’s latest fragrance – Lovestruck.

The city girl is waiting for her Romeo at the balcony of her apartment at downtown NYC (doesn’t that look like Soho?). Of course, she was reunited with him after he climbed flights of stairs for her. Very fun and romantic ad, aided by the Vera Wang gown that Leighton Meester wore which was beyond gorgeous.

While I continue to immerse myself in this warm and fuzzy mode, do share which ad is favourite? Or is there any other advertisement or campaign that still tug your heart string today?

纽约这城市令人着迷的地方,或许就是它的变幻莫测。有朋友曾经对我说,那里是人们追寻梦想的地方。梦想达成的时候或许就是离开的时候,因此一般New Yorker对于感情都是没有任何承诺的。最近,Tiffany & Co.推出了新的网页以及iPhone程序,名为“”What Makes Love True“,里头充满许多来自纽约的真实爱情故事并介绍纽约烂漫的地方。Tiffany & Co.也特地制作了一支短片,访问几对夫妇,了解他们的爱情故事以及求婚过程。虽然很写实,我却也能感受到夫妻之间真挚的感情。

另一方面,Vera Wang最近推出新的香水,名为Lovestruck, 邀来Leighton Meester担任广告女主角。这支可爱好玩的广告片设在纽约Downtown。美丽的女主角身穿Vera Wang的晚礼服,毫不耐烦地等待着白马王子的出现。可怜的王子得爬上好几层梯级,终于与女主角相聚。


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