Do you believe that your bag and its contents actually reveal something about you?  I came to know Debbie from Handbag Therapy and based on the picture of my bag, she gave me an analysis of myself.

I sent a picture of my work bag. As you can see, I usually place my junk in a bag organiser so that I could change bag with ease.

And here’s the reading by Debbie!

What an exciting bag – with some clear messages within!  Firstly a handsome bag indeed! But more importantly I can see that you are someone who loves beauty in the world – things, places, feelings.  You hope to feel prosperous and wealthy, and it will be important to you that you achieve these in an ‘elegant’ way – which I hope means something to you.  You need to be able to ‘see’ where you are heading in life, what is your direction?  To do this it will be important for you to listen to your intuition and to be willing to ask for what you want!  I wonder what you fear: what holds you back at the moment from pursuing a dream?  Your bag is suggesting that someone in your life is envious of you – do you listen to them too much or are you being influenced by them in some way? I think if this is happening it will be happening with something you love, something that is a passion or interest of yours.  It is as if someone else is being deceitful about something or someone important to you.  Stay true to yourself, remain kind and generous and loving, there is so much positive growth and healthy new beginnings ahead of you.  Take care of yourself and be choosy who you spend your time with.

Are you interested to have your bag read by Debbie too? I Skyped with her over the weekend (she is really lovely!) and she is going to provide analysis for a few lucky readers! All you have to do is:

  • Like my Facebook page if you haven’t. Upload a photo of your bag and its contents on my Facebook page.
  • At the end of each week, Debbie will pick a couple of bag photos and provide an analysis.
  • This is a 2-week activity. The last day you can upload a picture of your bag is on 17 June, Friday.

Are you excited? I totally am! I wanna see pictures of your bags and hear what Debbie has to say!

Start snapping pictures and upload them over here now! Good luck!

之前在网上认识了来自英国的 Debbie 老师。 她的专长是根据你的包包以及里面的事物推断你的个性,并给予一些心理指导。我不知道这算不算叫“包包占卜”,可是我个人觉得非常有趣。我寄给她一张照片,是我平时上班用的皮包以及里头的事物(如照片所显示,鄙人平时携带的杂物非常多)。她的解读挺有意思的,我觉得大家应该也对这样的心理指导非常感兴趣。

Debbie 老师答应在 Facebook 上为 的读者解读你的包包。你只需追踪(like)我的Facebook Page, 并且上传一张显示你的包包以及里头物品的照片。Debbie 老师在周末的时候会挑选一两张照片提供解读与分析。这项活动为期2个礼拜,上传照片的截止日期为6月17日

我真的很期待你们的参与! 快拿起相机拍照,并将照片上传至我的Facebook Page。祝你好运!

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